Copyright 2024. IMMORTALIZER / Dave D.R.  All rights reserved.


Copyright 2024. IMMORTALIZER / Dave D.R.  All rights reserved.



 When I was 7 years old, my father gave me some of his old Rock & Metal vinyls to listen to. Among them were some of the most iconic classic Rock legends, as well as some of Metal's most influential giants. With my new-found arsenal of heavy hitting Rock riffs and mind-blowing Metal, my young brain quickly transformed itself into one obsessed with music! Already a fan of drumming due to my Uncle Paul who was a professional drummer (and one of my idols), I quickly began to realize that music was what I really wanted to do with my life. When I was 9 years old my parents bought me a cheap Royce drum kit for my birthday which got modified quite quickly with better gear when it was possible. A few months later my best friend Jay N and I formed our very first band together. Despite starting off on drums, I eventually found myself on guitar & vocal duties. After a few years, Jay & I wanted to try a more Hardcore approach and so our band shifted towards even heavier music. We went on to play countless local shows and stepped into the world of home recording.

Over the years I had written and recorded numerous songs but was still searching for my own sound. As I built up my playing ability with countless hours of practice, I began writing more and more complex music with a very classic heavy metal feel to it. I wanted to test my own limits and push beyond them to create something exciting. Recording everything by myself was of course a long undertaking. I always try to give my all while recording each instrument. I'm primarily a guitar player but I've worked hard to build up my drumming ability as well as my vocals, bass and keyboard chops. I couldn't afford recording in a real studio, so the audio quality isn't as crisp and clean as it should be but for a DIY recording made in a basement it's not too bad. I mixed and mastered the tracks myself as well, mostly out of necessity. The response so far however has been extremely positive, so I'm extremely grateful and excited for the future.

Eventually I hope to bring in other like-minded musicians so we can build IMMORTALIZER into something bigger and better. Most importantly so we can perform live and tour. I'd like to send out a very special thank you to the IMMORTALIZER fans out there.  Your support is incredibly appreciated and helps keep me going. You rule!

Dave D.R.